Scratch Tickets

It is a hard to grasp concept that a miniscule detail in your life can have such a profound effect. Such as if you forgot your keys inside your house and that extra 30 second kept you off the road long enough to avoid what would have been a crash, or missing your turn while driving can cause you to miss a nail in the road causing a flat tire.

A women in Leicester, North Carolina can attest to this. Glenda Blackwell, 57, bought a scratch-off to teach her husband a lesson. She wanted to show him the waste of money gambling is. Fed up with him wasting his money on items such as powerball, she drove up to Suttles Quik Mart near their house and bought the scratch off. She ended up not teaching her husband a lesson, but rather winning one million dollars. Glenda Blackwell is planning on taking her ticket and buying her own home and land to live one. She is also going to set aside money for her daughter and grandchildren to help them in the future.

Many factors could have led up to her receiving this ticket: the location, the people before her that bought tickets, the need to prove her point, and many more factors. It is a crazy concept that all the circumstances aligned for her to receive the ticket. It is a worldwide debate whether it is luck that this happens or if there are other forces that occur.

According to figures from the National Weather Service, you’re over 20,000 times more likely to be struck by lightning at some point in your lifetime than you are to win the Mega Millions jackpot Luckily for Glenda, purely by chance she became a millionaire, because of many uncontrollable factors that led to her receiving the winning ticket.


2 thoughts on “Scratch Tickets

  1. This story gave me goosebumps. This was such a cool story that can happen in a matter of seconds. I love how you opened up the blog it really grabbed my attention. Great way to bring in the place theme as well 🙂


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