Sports and place

Throughout this year’s football season, I am reminded on how different this year is than any other year. I am from Minnesota and I grew up watching the Vikings and Gophers football teams. I went to a lot of games with my dad and they were always a great experience. This year, I have been living in Lincoln and it’s been very different because I have only been going to husker games. It’s interesting though because I have been enjoying the games here much more than Minnesota. This is mostly because I have not seen the Huskers lose at home yet this year, whereas in Minnesota, it was very common to see the Gophers and Vikings lose (although the Vikings are getting much better!). Also, memorial stadium is much better than the other stadiums I have been to. Its 90,000 capacity is much larger than the Metrodome’s 60,000 and TCF banks stadium of 50,000. The Vikings recently got a new stadium but I have yet to see a game in it and it still doesn’t compare to the capacity of 90,000 at memorial stadium. Still, I do miss going to games with my dad and I look forward to being back home during thanksgiving and Christmas break so that we can maybe go see a game together. I think it is very interesting how living in different areas can have little effects on the sports you watch and how you feel about certain teams.




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