story time

As a lay here thinking about what to write after a whole weekend of procrastination I decided with 2 1/2 hours left to post this id call my grandma and thank her for the pumpkin bars she mailed me. After a while I mentioned my blog to her and she said I should include how expensive sending stuff like food is and that she is now only sending me money through the mail. I told her I would. Then I mentioned how I think I was going to write a scary story or something for Halloween and then I just remembered the perfect story to tell of when my Grandpa Bill was just a little boy.

My grandpa grew up in a small town on a farm / ranch and they grew their own corn and one day, late into summer break, my grandpa was playing outside the house all by himself when he saw a rabbit. He began to chase it into the corn as it dashed off (I think I got this from him). Sprinting as fast as he could cutting right for it then a left and another and running until his legs couldn’t move anymore and the rabbit was too far out of site he figured it’d be best to head back home. Except he’s only like 4 feet tall and the corn is thick and about 7-8 feet tall, not knowing where he’s been or being able to retrace his steps he finds himself lost in the corn field. He slowly begins to walk one direction and nothing then turns the other way and still no site of his house. Then he smells a particular perfume that attracts him and forces him to turn around and he couldn’t believe it!! It was his school teacher and helped him find his way back home pointing him in the right direction and walking with him just until he could see the edge of his house. He takes off and leaps into the arms of his parents as they were worried sick he’s been gone for hours. And he tells them how he got lost but his teacher lead him home and he looks towards the corn and she isn’t there. Later his parents began to punish him for lying and he didn’t understand why because he was telling the truth! Then they had to tell him how his teacher flew to Europe earlier in the summer and was in an accident and passed away. To this day, sum million years later, he still tells the story about how his teachers ghost lead him home.


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