Trick or Treat?

Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays because as a kid you could dress up as anything you wanted and you got free candy. Pretty much the best of both worlds, in my opinion.  However, after reading this article it gave me a new perspective for kids who suffer from food allergies. I remember during my trick or treating days I would be upset if someone passed out something healthy like an apple instead of candy. Because Halloween was about getting candy not healthy stuff, although my parents were happy when I got the healthy food.  For some kids though that must have seemed like a blessing because so many candies are made with peanuts, soy, gluten, milk, etc. which most kids with food allergies are allergic too. I’ve never had a food allergy but my mom does. She has to avoid gluten, dairy, and red meat. I see how she’s struggled to find food that she enjoys at some restaurants and other various dining places. So I understand more now that I’m older how hard a food allergy can be on someone. Halloween can be a rough time if you’re a child suffering from a food allergy, but it’s also a very scary event for parents of allergy sufferers. If a parent turns their back for one second and their children gets a hold of a candy that they’re allergic to, then it could be very harmful to the child’s health.  That’s why  I really like this project to place teal pumpkins outside of the door to show parents and their children that there are non food related gifts that the child can receive rather than candy that the child may be allergic too.


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