Twitter closing down vine

The article itself isn’t about the issue but rather about the impact it had in the African-American community. People are crying out because they are saying how Vine brought to life the humor and culture in the African-American community. A lot of people are upset and almost offended by this shutdown. My response to this is they are not doing this because of racial problems but rather why have Vine when you have Twitter which can do the exact same thing which is already used for Vines currently. It is in no way an attack on any race but rather to save money by not hiring people to look over the app and just move it over to Twitter. Twitter recently was losing some money any ways so this decision is all financial that is it. It does suck to have a media service of yours shut down but you have to think in the minds of the CEO’s and realize the advantages and disadvantage to every decision they make. Hope I don’t see a follow up post to this occurrence with it being a racial one because then I know that people are just finding ways to get attention. I personally never connected with Vine but I know many people who looked to this for a happy place to have as a home. Hopefully those can transition their home to Twitter where most of the vines will move over to. This relates to home because of how people found Vine as a safe place to be and also a place where they can express their own opinion, kind of like their own home.


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