This weekend I went to visit my brother at his college.  He goes to Northwest Missouri State in Maryville, Missouri.  I went there interested to find out about the type of life he lives up there. I also wanted to see what type of place it was.  When I went there I immediately recognized differences between Maryville and Lincoln.  The most obvious difference was the town.  There really isn’t much to Maryville.  Other than the college there is only about two thousand people that live there.  This makes the college much more unified.  Unlike Lincoln, there was only one tailgate where all the students went to before the football game.  People are also much more welcoming.  We walked around at night and walked into several different parties with no problem.  That would never happen  in Lincoln.  In Lincoln people are way more decided.  People have there set groups that they hang out with and aren’t very welcoming to people who aren’t in their groups already



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