Quarry Oaks Golf Course

This week we were given the opportunity to choose our own topic relating to place. To me, one place in particular instantly comes to mind, Quarry Oaks Golf Course. Quarry Oaks is a renowned course just outside of Ashland NE, and is recognized by Golf Digest as one of the top 100 public Golf Courses in America.

The course itself is astonishingly scenic. I remember the first time I ever pulled up to Quarry Oaks. It was an autumn afternoon and the leaves were just beginning to turn. My dad had already played the course before, and was telling me about how insanely beautiful it was, but the words could not due justice seeing it for yourself. Standing atop the first tee box, you have a birdseye view of the entire course, and its breathtaking. The course is sculpted into the natural land, creating the perfect mix of natural land and human architecture. The rolling forested canopy, shaded orange and yellow with the contrast of the brightly colored Bermuda turf make for a hell of a view.

This place is nirvana for golf lovers, and a personal favorite.


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