San Francisco

Have you ever been to heaven on earth?  I haven’t, but San Francisco comes close.  I went to San Francisco a couple weeks ago for a vacation trip.  It was filled with amazing sights and tons of great food.  San Francisco is known for the infamous Golden Gate Bridge, but that was, by far, insignificant compared to the other things I saw.  The place that I will always remember is the Twin Peaks.  As you ascend the vast amount of hills in California, you get to look over the side of the guard rails, and what you see is an amazing and breathtaking view of the coastal city of San Francisco as well as the Golden Gate Bridge off in the distance.  As you approach the top, the wind blew so hard that it felt as if it could blow your car right off the peak.  There are others cars traveling the same road as you, and when you approach the top, you get out of your car and feel the pressure difference in your ear canals.  You walk up to the top of the peak on rough and uneven wooden steps.  Slowly, surely, and safely, you reach the top, and you feel as if you were on top of the entire world.  Luckily, my trip was timed so the sun was just falling behind the peaks.  It hit the mountain just right which gave the city a shadow of beauty, and the sky a blend of gentle sunset colors.


One thought on “San Francisco

  1. I love that you talked about a part of San Fransisco that not many people know about. To often I think people think the world is limited to what they know about. They only think the beautiful parts of the world are those places that are highly talked about or on the cover of a postcard. When you step outside your comfort zone and try and find your own beauty in the world, you often find places that are even better than those that are supposed to be the truly beautiful aspects of the world.


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