Valas Pumpkin Patch

As everyone know when October comes around its the time for carving pumpkins and caramel apples. Also one of the big things in Nebraska is Valas Pumpkin Patch, it is a very popular place of all ages. They have six-hundred and more employees working there if that says anything about how many people go there. Its always very hectic every time I’ve been there.

My experience when there is not bad but I would say it is for kids mainly. With many kid features like, the wooden dragon which crushes pumpkins, and there story book time filled with stories like ‘Little Red Riding Hood’. It is for sure a family oriented place. The haunted houses are not scary just filled with many sound affects. Minus all the fun and games the food is amazing.

They have a very big variety of food. The most popular would have to be the turkey leg. For ten-dollars you can get a massive turkey leg, the line to the side shop is always long, but worth the wait. Not only do they have turkey legs but they have an abundant amount of sweets like: caramel apples(my favorite), fudge, pies and candy. A little kids paradise.

Going to Valas Pumpkin Patch is a joy for all ages I’m sure, although kids might enjoy it a little bit more. It is for sure worth the money, and aching belly at the end of it all. If you were to go anywhere come October I would recommend you check out Valas.


2 thoughts on “Valas Pumpkin Patch

  1. I always loved going to pumpkin patches when I was a kid and when i tell people that they always tell me that I have to go to Valas. No one every told me about the long times and how popular it actually is, so it was good reading another persons point of view!


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