Madison Wisconsin

A student at the University of Nebraska- Lincoln knows that in the fall, Saturdays are known as game days. The endless tailgates, the screaming crowd that can be heard all across campus and of course the intense football game, but this last weekend for me was a little different. Most Saturday’s you can find me surrounded by red, screaming in the student section in Memorial Stadium, dressed in all Husker gear. Although this weekend I was still dressed in all Husker gear, screaming and surrounded by red, I wasn’t in Memorial Stadium. I was in the University of Wisconsin- Madison student section, dressed in all Husker clothing head to toe. I stood out like a sore thumb in the crowd. The Huskers would get a first down and I would instantly jump up in excitement as the Madison fans would let out sighs of disappointment.

As the game progressed and more and more people noticed that there was a group of Husker fans among them, they were less than excited at that realization. It was not long after one person noticed that most of the student sections was chanting “asshole” and pointing at us every time we got excited that the Huskers were doing well. As the final moments of the game were underway, the exciting moment when the Madison kicker missed a field goal to win the game, giving us Husker fans hope. Soon after that we noticed the realization that the Huskers lost, Madison fans were screaming at us to get out of their stadium. Although many of my High School friends attend Madison, I was very shocked to see these fans acting so rude to a group of people who were supported a different team than them.



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