Murdock, Nebraska

Murdock, Nebraska. Population of two hundred and thirty-six people. The town was so small; you could run around it. It’s filled with small houses, a bar, museum, post office, and a run-down gas station. This was the place I was introduced to as a child, and the town my mother was born and raised in. These are where the roots of where my Nebraska blood come from.

I find this place to be one of the most peaceful places to go to, although there is little to no movement, and there isn’t much to look at. I like to go here when I need to relax, out in the country. I would go there with my mom just to spend time with my best friend. While being in Murdock, I literally could only hear the wind, birds, and occasional cars that drive by. It is cool to come here as I gain back the memories from when I was kid. It was also cool to go back in to the old museum time and time again. That museum held my mom’s high school cheerleading photos and uniforms. It held all the old memories from that town, and I cherished going to find out what the place where my mom was from was all about.

While coming to school in Nebraska, when I need a break from being on campus, I go out to Murdock where my family members live. It gives me a break from school, and it gives me the sense of home away from Minnesota.


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