Home by Phillip Phillips

Three years ago on American Idol a small town kid named Phillip Phillips  was given a song named “Home” to sing for the finale. This song went viral and soared to number 6 on the billboard charts shortly after it was released. This song emphasized the importance of a “homecoming” coming home after a long time away from home is sometimes just what you need. One of the most vital portions of the song says “Just know you’re not alone, cause I’m gonna make this place your home”. This line gives me chills. We all are in need of our home at the hardest times.

This song was the theme song for the 2012 olympics. This song was so fitting because of all the different countries coming together and making London their home for the next couple of weeks. With Philip Phillips being from such a small town, this song was perfect for him. The amount of raw emotion that goes into this song is so heartwarming. Sure almost everyone can sing this song because it is so catchy but when you strip the song down to just its words you really get a true feeling of how much meaning it has. One interpretation that someone can think about is that if you follow your heart you will truly end up where you are suppose to end up.  No matter where you are you can always make a place your home.


4 thoughts on “Home by Phillip Phillips

  1. I love this song! The lyrics are very relatable, allowing everyone from all different backgrounds to form a connection. The relation you made regarding the Olympics is very insightful. I had never thought of that before, but it definitely makes sense.


  2. I love the song you choose so much! I think it is crazy that when you take the time to listen to the lyrics of a song you get such a different meaning to it than when you heard it on the radio many times before. I think this song was a good choice for the olympics and I love how you showed that in your blog!


  3. I love this song so much! I also love the message behind this song, and you wrote exactly what the song captures, so good job! I also didn’t know that the song was used in the Olympics, but it so fitting!


  4. I love the fact that you made that connection with the Olympics, it really adds a lot of meaning to the song. I also love this song!! It’s just so sweet and relatable. You did I really good job capturing the meaning behind the song, too!


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