Home by Daughtry

This is a song that will put you in the feels right away. College, where you move away from home, leave your family and start to live on your own. Well, if you miss your home or family at all, don’t listen to this song. The lyrics and the beat move perfectly together to put you in an emotional state-of-mind.

But these places and these faces are getting old,
So I’m going home.

I like to imagine this line of lyrics is directly at a college student. Time get rough, and just need a night at home. There is something about being at home, around your family where you will always be loved, and you feel safe. Not a better feeling in the world.

I’m not running from.
No, I think you got me all wrong.
I don’t regret this life I chose for me.

Little continuation from the sentences above, but it may not be because we hate where we are at, or running from our problems but heading home is just to feel the sense of love in place.



One thought on “Home by Daughtry

  1. I totally agree that this song can put you in your feels right away because it really does! Daughtry is a great band and this song is very relatable to a lot of people and the music just flows so well. Great choice for the song! 🙂


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