Minnesota Gurls


“Minnesota Gurls” is a parody of Katy Perry’s song called “California Gurls”. “Minnesota Gurls was created by teenagers from Minnesota, singing about the stereotypes of Minnesota to the tune of California Gurls. As I have grown up in Minnesota I found this video very entertaining. The two main girls who are singing throughout the video are seen wearing; a twins jersey, Minnesota’s major league baseball team and winter jackets, which are truly needed for most of the year, as I have learned from personal experience. The guys featured in this video are wearing flannels, another stereotypical Minnesota thing, which is true. They talk about a food called Spam. Although, personally a lot of my friends have no idea what that is, I love it. Even though a lot of my friends from Minnesota don’t know of it, it is even more unheard of in other states. A lune also makes an appearance in the video, the Minnesota state bird. The guy raps about Minnesota, in replace of Snoop Dogg rapping in “California Gurls”. He raps about getting a shovel to shovel the driveway because Minnesota is known for all the snow it gets and how it snows for about half the year. Although “Minnesota Gurls” was a bunch of teenagers having fun and messing around, the song finds a fun way to talk about all of all the Minnesotan stereotypes that are all true, (even though us Minnesotans won’t admit to some of them, especially having an accent) 🙂


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