Sweet Home Alabama


Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Sweet Home Alabama” is a song about their home Alabama. It talks about how he misses is home in Alabama and wants to go back. He reminisces about the past and how great Alabama was growing up. I think a lot of people can relate to this as many people enjoy where they are growing up in. The song can really get to a person if they are from Alabama too because it is an upbeat and happy song. His song also talks about how he misses singing in Alabama. This could possibly where he learned his love for music and how it ended up becoming a song. Many people can acquire a talent from certain places, and his was singing songs in the south. This obviously led to the forming of a band and a great song. The chorus then goes to talk about sweet home Alabama and how the skies are so blue. He wants to come home to Alabama and praises it as high as the lord. Alabama is a very important place to him. He also talks about certain places in Alabama where he would go to feel better or sing. Every town has one of these places and it can mean a great deal to someone. It can make them feel comfortable where they are and feel free to do whatever they want to do. Finally, he talks a little bit about politics in the song. He brings up the governor and boo’s him in the song.


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