This Town – OAR

For this blog post we were supposed to talk about a song that reminded you of place and how it reminded you of home. I’m from Omaha and a major staple of our city is the annual College World Series. I spent my entire childhood worshipping and obsessing for seventeen consecutive days over the CWS. It became a staple of the summer for me, and was by far my favorite two weeks of the entire year. Me and all my buddies would save our allowances and birthday money, and beg our parents for tickets all year for this two week event. If you’re from Omaha, you understand how big of a deal it is to the community and the city as a whole. The song “This Town” is a song by OAR, that ESPN would air as the theme song of the CWS. I’m not sure if it was specifically written about Omaha or not, but for every broadcast ESPN would air videos on TV and on the scoreboard, of the band playing meshed with clips from special moments in the world series. The lyrics aren’t anything deep or meaningful, but when I reflect back on Omaha, this is is the song that comes to mind.

“This town, this night, this crowd
Come on put them up let me hear it loud
This town this city this crowd
Stand up on your feet put your worry down”

This song brings back countless memories from my childhood and will always carry meaning in my mind.


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