You and I

Lady Gaga’s You and I represents a place and it’s impact on others who may not know anything about that said place. Though, I don’t think this song initially screams “this is about a place,” but after googling “songs about Nebraska,” I figured to look more into it. You and I isn’t directly about a place but how the one’s you love can form your own opinion on a place that you can be uninformed about. “Somethin’, somethin’ about just knowing when it’s right,” I think Gaga is saying that sometimes the place that your significant other lives may be the last place you’d eve want to live, like Nebraska, as long as you have them with you, they become your home. Nebraska most likely on the top of anyone’s travel lists, but there are reasons why Lady Gaga mentions it in this song.

I think that most people are completely blind to what Nebraska has to offer. Most people think of corn fields and one of the worst stretches on I-80. They don’t realize that Nebraska has some really cool places. One of my favorite places in Lincoln is the Haymarket/Railyard area. It has progressed into so much more than it used to be and gaining more attention than ever. Nebraska has places, like the Haymarket that make a city like Lincoln feel more quaint, and even more like a trendy place that people actually want to go to. I think most importantly with this song, Lady Gaga made people aware that Nebraska is a place that isn’t so bad.


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