“You and I”


Lady Gaga’s famous song “You and I” is a great example of place, and not just because it talks about Nebraska. Yes, the song is about Nebraska and Lady Gaga’s relationship with a man who lives there. She mentions how “there’s something about this place” and how there’s “something about My cool Nebraska guy”. This song also represents place through a person. In this song Lady Gaga professes her love for not only a guy but for his home. Nebraska is his home and by extent it’s hers too now. However, it’s obvious that the man that this song was made for is what truly represents her home. When she mentions “This time I’m not leaving without you” it implies that she’ll travel anywhere- live anywhere- as long as she has him, her home. I’ve always loved this song. Honestly it started because she was singing about Nebraska, but now it’s just everything about it, from the music to what she’s actually saying about love. Place doesn’t always have to be a physical building or even a state like Nebraska, sometimes-for some people- what makes you feel at home can be a person and the feelings you have for them. This was Lady Gaga’s case, an I have to agree. As much as I love my physical home in Omaha, it would be nothing if I didn’t have my family. In fact I feel just as much at home when I’m staying with my aunt inPortland, Oregon because she’s my family and I love to be with her. If some day the rest of my family decided to move to Portland I’d happily call it my new home. I mean apart of home is already there. I think this also goes to show that the place, or person, you call home can be more than one spot or person. I’ve made a new home here in Lincoln with my friends even though I still have my homes in Omaha and Portland. In this song it’s clear that Lady Gaga left wherever she called home to go see her Nebraska Guy, because he is also her home and she happily accepted Nebraska as her home along with him. This song represents place in the form of Nebraska, but home as an actual person.


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