A Certain Romance – Arctic Monkeys

The song I have chosen to represent place is called “A Certain Romance” from the album “Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m not” by the Arctic Monkeys.


This song is about a certain British stereotype, “chavs” (which is a derogatory meaning for someone that is of lower class and acts in an unruly, bad manner) in England, particularly Sheffield, where the band originally formed. The lyric that highlights this stereotyped sense of place best is:

“They might wear classic Reeboks, or knackered converse, or trackie bottoms tucked in socks…”

It all surrounds this certain youth subculture that exists in many places all over the United Kingdom, however in this particular song the main focus is Sheffield. This song therefore gives the impression that this particular place in Sheffield may not be a wealthy area as Chavs tend to not have a high income and live in areas of poverty. It does not give a great impression of this place.



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