Beverly Hills-Weezer

For this blog post I decided to go with the song Beverly Hills by Weezer. This song gives a glamorous look on Beverly Hills  and that he wants to be there. The song mainly talks about even how great Beverly Hills is, how he would not fit in. The singer says how he didn’t go to boarding schools and how preppy girls never looked at him. It mainly talks about how even though that is the life that he may want, there is no way he will ever feel like there’s a chance he’ll actually make it.  It is a very interesting take on the place. From just listening to this song you would think that is a song mainly about making it in a very difficult place. But from actually listening to the lyrics we find out that the song is about not fitting into this place. It also talks about how being there is something you’re born into and not something you can work towards. This calls to the unfairness that some people can experience in the world of show business. How many talented people get turned away because they don’t “fit in” or don’t have a connection. How so many people just seem to make it because they have a connection or because they have enough money already to make it. This is a very interesting song because the place it describes is one that not many average people think about very often. But deep down we all want to be in Beverly Hills.


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