Chris Brown – Home

This song is kind of a cry for help. As mostly everyone knows, Chris had come across a big bump in the road that injured not only his personal life but his musical career. After that incident it seemed that he just kept tripping over old mistakes and couldn’t quite get back on his feet. Things happened like going to jail, getting into fights and other things. He was first introduced into the music industry at the tender age of 15 and had high expectations. He was the new “it” boy that everyone was talking about. He had money, fame, girls, he was living the life. The accusations of domestic violence against his ex-girlfriend Rihanna back in 2008 plummeted his life down the drain, it was a hard thing to come back from. He may not be as big as he potentially could have been but despite it all he is still doing well with his music and you continue to hear his voice on the radio.

I was a HUGE fan of Chris Brown, not saying that because of this incident I stopped being a fan, I just grew out of my obsession like I do most things. I feel that everyone deserves a second chance, after all, if Rihanna can still befriend him after all that had happened who says you can’t? I believe that he is really a good person at heart and what he did as a child shouldn’t forever set him back.


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