Walmart Parking Lot

This song describes multiple things but one thing as a whole. The song is mainly about what happens in a small town because of the Walmart Parking Lot. All the things one did or might go through in high school, I would assume it having to do with life through school. Growing up and being six-teen and when he could finally drive. The Walmart Parking Lot was their hangout when they had nothing to do. In the song the singer goes on to talk about all the crazy things that go on. He talks about how there were many different people in the town, from hippies all the way to football players. This is what makes me assume it is a very small country town where everyone knows everyone. He talks about his first love and first heartbreak. Describing what he sees and what goes one.

The song to me is just things he went through throughout his high school years, starting at the age of six-teen. The thing to him and or the singer is everything came together in the end, in the Walmart Parking Lot. There is the good and the bad, the ups and the downs, but still picking yourself up after that. Having many friends and all coming together at the end of the day in the Walmart Parking Lot, in a small country town. The main point is what one guy thinks his town is about, from what happens in it, to what he feels.


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